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We pride ourselves on the quality of lifesavers we produce, and offer a variety of surf lifesaving courses run by our skilled volunteers. These courses are available to Geraldton SLSC members for free, and to the community for a fee. Get in touch if you’re interested!

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Nipper Rescue Certificate

A 3hr course designed to teach you basic tube rescue skills and an understanding of flag signals. With this qualification you can help the Nippers on the weekend as Water Safety!


Surf Rescue Certificate

This course provides participants with skills and knowledge of surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations and resuscitation in order to participate in lifesaving operations and act in the role of Water Safety Personnel.


Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion course provides participants with the skills and knowledge in order to be able to participate in Surf Life Saving patrol operations. This is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia.


First Aid Certificate

The First Aid course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to manage emergency first aid situations until professional medical support is available.


Silver Medallion Beach Management 

The Silver Medallion Beach Management provides participants with the skills, knowledge and experience required to manage a lifesaving or lifeguarding team in emergency and non-emergency situations.


Age Manager

Age managers work with nippers between the ages of 6 and 13, to develop their surf lifesaving and sport skills, by providing fun, safe and organised nipper activities.


IRB Driver

The IRB Driver is responsible for safely operating the IRB in the surf zone and managing the IRB Crew.


IRB Crew

Provides participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively crew an Inflatable Rescue Boat in surf rescue operations.


RWC Operator

The Rescue Water Craft (RWC) Operator course provides participants with advanced skills and knowledge to effectively drive and manage a Rescue Water Craft (RWC) in lifesaving operations.

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