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Woodside Nippers

Want your child to be part of a fun and active community?

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Surf lifesaving is an amazing activity for growing a child’s confidence, as well as providing strong foundational knowledge and skills in the beach environment. Woodside Nippers is a great way to introduce your child to new friends, to be part of a community for life, and to just simply have fun!

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Nipper Resources

The Nipper Education packs from SLSWA outline everything you need to know - Whether you're a parent, age manager, water safety, or just thinking about getting involved in surf lifesaving. They even include lesson plans for every weekend!

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Water Safety

It is a surf lifesaving requirement for there to be one qualified Water Safety operator per five Nippers. That could be you!

Complete the 3hr Nipper Rescue Certificate to help with Water Safety for our Nippers!

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